Oracle DB學習筆記

Oracle DB曾用過的指令與操作筆記。

<font class=”heightline”>*2003/5/8 Michael分享他的心得:</font>
在 Pentium 4 機器上安裝 Oracle 8.1.7 for Windows 的解決方法!
Windows XP Pro or Windows 2000 with Pentium 4 only
Copy all the files/folders from the oracle 8i CD on to a folder on your c: drive. Do NOT name this folder Oracle.
Change the name of the symcjit.dll file.
For Windows XP: Change from symcjit.dll to symcjit_disc.dll
For Windows 2000: Change the symcjit.dll to symcjit.dll.ori
The path to this file is:
C:stagecomponentsoracle.swd.jre1.1.7.301Data FilesExpandedjrewin32bin
Now go back to your main c: drive directory and run the setup file.
<font class=”heightline”>*2003/6/25 阿德提供他的經驗:</font>
Oracle Kill Dead Lock 方法
–找出dead Lock Job–
select a.session_id , b.owner , b.object_name
from v$locked_object a , all_objects b
where a.object_id = b.object_id
and b.object_name = ‘FN_TB_CLOSE_INCOME’
–套入查出之 SID 再下指令 —
SELECT sid,serial#,status,server FROM v$session where SID =16
–確認SID 及 Serial# 再進行 Kill Job 動作
alter system kill session ‘SID,Serial#’;
alter system kill session ‘16,23574’
<font class=”heightline”>*2003/8/20 Bonnie提供:notes for installing oracle 9i</font>


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